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My name is Shanay Wise and I am the owner of Catering Done Wisely, a farm to table focused catering company. As a military brat, I have been exposed to many different ethnic foods and have been cooking since I was able to hold a spoon and stir. Along with my military background, I was raised partially in the country by an extended family that loved to grill, smoke foods and bake some of the best dessert you could ever taste. This influenced my cooking and desire to prepare and serve delicious, homegrown foods.

Here I am in the community garden located in South Dallas!

Catering Done Wisely actively works in the community with local 501-c3's to promote healthy eating. We also organize and participate in the local food programs and community gardens, such as the Paul Quinn Farmer's Market.

Why us?

Catering Done Wisely is a farm to table caterer that focuses on using local farms and local stores. Our goal is to acquire the healthiest ingredients for a premium freshness and good taste for our catering events and Farm Fresh menu! 

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